hop fed space cadet
After being released from my self-imposed dry August, I thought I’d kick off my first review with Hop Federation’s Space Cadet (7.5 per cent), their entry for this year’s Malthouse WCIPA Challenge. West Coat IPAs are by far my favourite style, containing all things I love in a beer!  Grassy, pine, citrus and dank; I want those American hops to coat my tongue in oily residue leaving me in a state of bitter happiness. Space Cadet delivers at all those wonderful characters but on the lighter side of the scale.  The beer is a little under carbonated, but not unexpected for a beer made in this style. It’s almost like I want the beer a little flat so I can get to the depths of those flavours? I’ve read some tough reviews on his beer but I disagree wholeheartedly: I think Hop Federation have created a stellar beer true to style and I love it!  Great work team a solid 8/10.