Parrotdog was started in Wellington by three friends called Matt: Kristofski, Warner and Stevens. Warner and Kristofski dabbled in home-brewing until they thought they had a perfect IPA recipe they could brew professionally. They took their recipe to Mike’s, then located in Urenui, Taranaki, to get a 1200-litre batch brewed. The recipe, once scaled up and with better hop utilisation on a commercial brew system, turned out way more bitter than they expected. It was a choice of dump of the brew or try to save it, which they did with a massive dry-hop dose of Nelson Sauvin that created a tropical fruity aroma and perception of sweetness that overlaid an English-style IPA. They came up with a creative name: Bitter Bitch, to capture the difficult nature of the brew. The beer was a rock solid cult favourite at the annual Beervana festival and a brand was born on the back of it.

The first physical brewery was set up in a small space in Vivian Street, Wellington, but the small crew soon outgrew the footprint and after two rounds of crowd-funding which raised over $2m dollars Parrotdog moved Lyall Bay where they have a huge brewery and an award-winning taproom.

The three Matts are still involved; Warner as the head brewer, Kristofski in charge of marketing and accountant Stevens the financial guru.

Best known for: Bitter Bitch

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