a can of mcleod's 802 series number 33

It’s been a huge challenge to find the words to describe how bloody amazing this beer is never have I enjoyed a fresh hop IPA as much as I did this one! When it comes to freshly-hopped beers I am quickly becoming a fan of non-hazy versions.  It’s my view that they provide less complexity which allows the hop characters to shine through and McLeod’s 802 #33 is a great example of this. As with most fresh hop beers you are greeted with big, bold, fresh grassy aromas which send you into a tantalising trance.   As you pour a wonderful amber hue dances round the glass which is completed by a lovely clean head.  The best part of this beer is the mouthfeel it’s light, fresh and beautifully creamy like a milk stout. Flavours are also abundant loads of passionfruit, lemon citrus and berries mixed with grassy, earthy, pine needles making this beer super dankidy-dank! I bow down to Clayton Hops and McLeod’s Brewing: you have produced my perfect fresh hop beer and beautifully showcased everything good about Nelson Sauvin hops. I will remember 2021 as the year of #33.