moa sultana IPA

This is part of Moa’s ongoing series of single hopped IPAs.  The hop this time around is a recent American variety that started life as the experimental X06277 before being commercially released as Sultana towards the end of 2019.  As hops go it’s a new one for me, so I’ve gotten lucky being able to try it on its own.  The up-front aroma has HUGE citrus oil, like crushing fresh grapefruit peel right in front of your nose.  Behind that there’s fresh pineapple and a streak of sticky pine resin, but really that nose is all about the grapefruit.  The citrus is less outrageous on the tongue, still out in front but giving the more subtle tropical mango, melon and pine notes some room to move.  The malt body is on the lighter side of medium for  6.0% abv, which gives the bitterness lots of space to charge in on the end of the palate and really hit hard.  A lighter bodied and absolutely hop forward IPA, the perfect beer to really show off what a hop can do on its own.

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