‘Klassenbester’ translates roughly to ‘best in class’, and that could not be a more apt name for this entry produced by the Otago Brew School.  It’s placement in the New World Beer & Cider Awards Top 30 isn’t out of nowhere though, as it achieved silver at the Brewers Guild Awards last year.

As for the beer, it’s classic Dunkelwiezen.  The aroma is complex and dense: freshly baked hot cross buns, clove and cinnamon with banana and bubblegum.  The palate is rich and malt driven, but still smooth and refreshing, moving at a pace until the slight but keenly balanced bitterness dries out the finish.  

Considering that the Otago Brew School was only founded in 2018, results like this are a great indicator that the brewing students studying there are on a path to success. 

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