Continuing their tear through the hop-driven beer categories at the New World Beer & Ciders Awards Top 30, Bronx, a double brut IPA from Urbanaut is hopped solely with the world beating Mosaic varietal.  

It’s evidence of Mosaic’s multiplicity of character that the aroma is so diverse despite only drawing from that single hop.  Super-ripe mango, peach, blueberry and tutti-frutti gum, with just a subtle breeze of cooling pine to keep things fresh.  

The amyloglucosidase enzyme has done it’s work thoroughly, keeping the palate light dry and crisp despite the big 8% abv.  It’s fresh and snappy with a lower bitterness than a typical double IPA, and an almost champagne like spritz and crispness.  

A light bodied, elegant and deeply refreshing spin on a double IPA, as well as a fascinating and new perspective on the vastly popular Mosaic hop. 

urbanaut Bronx