Fruited sours live or die by how well they capture the character of said fruit additions, and to get a really good one is a much more complex equation than simply fruit + beer.  What fruit to choose, in what form (slices/pulp/juice), what stage of the brew to add it in order for those often highly fragile flavours to survive, are all factors in ending up with a great fruited sour.  Deep Creek’s Top 30 winning Aloha Guava & Passionfruit Sour (4.5%) navigates all those factors to a tee. 

Sharply pungent passionfruit strikes out of the aroma like a laser beam, while the softer guava sweetens the yoghurty freshness of the wheat.  The palate is boisterous and incredibly mobile, bouncing between ripe fruit, sour sherberty zing and grippy drying wheat.

At only 4.5%abv this is also a great display of sours superpower of bringing big, high impact flavours with minimal alcohol.

Deep Creek Aloha