Behemoth that's what I call hoppy Citra

West Coast style IPA? Check.  Citra Hops? Check.  The boxes are all ticked for this being a beer I’m destined to love, so it better not let me down!  Turns out I’m safe, because this one is a cracker of a single Citra IPA.  Ripe, concentrated lemon and orange citrus aromas with a distinct streak of freshly cut grapefruit peel. More of those unmistakable Citra citrus flavours, with sweet lemon, orange and mandarin.  There’s a distinctly oily texture which really ups the body and weight of the palate, while the hop driven fruitiness stays in control of the finish right until the last moment when the bitterness finally takes hold.  A rich and sumptuous IPA that finds itself well at home in these cold winter months.