Epic Private Idaho Hazy IPA

Epic Brewing are releasing beers on a par with Behemoth and Garage Project, it kinda feels like something new hits my Facebook feed every single week?! Now this reviewer has no issue with that, I just wish my wallet could keep up with New Zealand’s weekly release of luscious, hoppy goodness! Epic’s Private Idaho IPA showcases the very best Idaho can offer. Mosaic and Idaho7 hops! Upon opening the can, a rather pungent tropical (and slightly citrus) aroma engulfs the room.  The use of biscuit malt provides a rather powdery mouth feel I’d usually associate with a wit beer. I found the flavours didn’t quite back up the big aromas that greeted me earlier.  Nonetheless, the beer was fresh, bitter and a little dank and very approachable. Well worth a go!

(Editor’s note: still the greatest beer name of 2021 so far!)