Mountain IPA you say? It’s a rather romantic way of describing a beer that falls somewhere between the two in-vogue extremes (geographically speaking, that is) of West Coast IPA and East Coast IPA. The former, righteously bitter and brightly clear, the latter as furry and fuzzy and full of fruit juice flavours. Somewhere in between, again geographically speaking, is Colorado where Oskar Blues produced Dale’s Pale Ale (sweet and piney 6.5 per cent pale ale) and Odell created Mountain Standard, juicy fruity with some haze and a hit of late bitterness and thus a regional genre was a born. A handful of Kiwi breweries have played with the “style” including Deep Creek and Ground Up. Given the loose boundaries of Mountain IPA, it’s hard to say a brewery has nailed it as such, but Laughing Bones Treeline IPA (6.3 per cent) gives you exactly what it says it will: a beer that’s juicy, fruity, a little hazy but with an underlying bitter kick. Utilising a load of the tropical-meets-pine Sequoia hop blend, it truly is east meets west and a good waypoint for anyone who finds West Coast IPA too bitter or Hazy IPA too sweet.

What’s on offer at Beervana

I’m already licking my lips at what’s on offer at next week’s Beervana festival in Wellington next week.

Boneface The Wolf Bites Back Triple Cold IPA

Boneface The Wolf Bites Back Triple Cold IPA is a complex mix of sharp citrus and softer tropicals, with pungent rosewater and light malt sweetness.

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Hop Federation Glory Glory West Coast IPA

I love the team at Hop Federation and I think they love me because they are always looking after me with beermail and in today we have their latest westie, Glory Glory, their entry to the annual Malthouse West Coast IPA challenge and if my palate were the judge, this...

Parrotdog Boring Beer Oat Milk Hazy IPA

Parrotdog and Boring Oat Milk have joined forces to make Boring Beer, an oak milk hazy IPA that is anything but boring.

Kainui back to the big time

Far North cult favourites Kainui Brew Co have returned to the big time with an outstanding performance at the NZ Beer Awards.