Parrotdog Bruce Fresh Hazy IPA
Being my first fresh-hopped beer of 2022, I was eager to get Bruce out of the can — expectations high!  My eagerness was rewarded immediately as the room quickly filled with that dank, grassy fresh hop aroma I live for each season!  While Nectaron may be the industry’s new love affair, using Nectaron in conjunction with Riwaka hops in this beer is the master touch!  The drinking experience is everything you can hope for —nice upfront peach and tropical fruit flavours with a neat, dry finish.  The best part of this beer for me is how it seductively coats the inside of your mouth with trademark oily resins, envying that of a Texan Oil Baron. I’ve always felt it a challenge to bring fresh hop and hazy characters together successfully in a beer, but luckily for all of us Parrotdog have nailed it.  Bruce is beautifully balanced, and jam-packed full of those familiar fresh hop flavours and aromas we all dream of each April.   We are truly blessed here in New Zealand to have a hop industry that’s hot right now!  As beer drinkers we are the winners!


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