Our family recently relocated to the beautiful township of Kinloch which is nestled on the shores of Lake Taupo.   I thought it only fair that one of my first reviews focused on a local brewery….a decision that has led to me discovering one of my top 5 beers for 2020! 

Lakeman Brewing is a small family owned brewery located on a farm in the hills surrounding The Great Lake.  Sustainability is a big focus both on the farm and in the brewery which means James and his team are able to tap into the pristine water provided by the aquifer located directly below the brewery. 

“Beer and pizza” was the call from my partner Jess so we found ourselves parked up on a table at the 2 Mile Bay Sailing Club.  Lakeman beers aplenty in the fridge so I eagerly grabbed two bottles of Taupo Thunder Pale Ale. This beer is bursting with big, fresh pine aromas which were almost overwhelming (in a good way).  The pine theme continued with the first mouth full, nicely supported with light passionfruit and citrus flavours.  Smooth, medium malts give this beer beautiful balance which is another winner for me!

They say that fresh beer is always best, so how lucky was I to have chosen a bottle produced 10 days before consumption…wow!

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer beer that ticks all the boxes, you need go any further than Lakeman Brewing Taupo Thunder (I can only imagine how good this beer would be ex-keg?).