Right now, it seems, we’re staying home even when don’t officially have to. The omicron wave has created a de facto lockdown.

But what if, instead of you going to the pub, the pub came to you? Christchurch business My Little Pub takes the idea of a backyard shed to a new level with their bespoke miniature pubs.

The idea arose during the first phase of Covid-19 back in 2020.

Designer and founder Steve Rosling has designed spaces such as The Viaduct on Christchurch’s Oxford Terrace and Ferg Bar, part of the Fergburger franchise in Queenstown. Business partner Gary Altenburg’s joinery business, MWF Manufacturing, did the fit-out of The Brit Pub & Eatery in Auckland’s Britomart and nationwide Coffee Cultures including the award winning cafe at The Crossing in Christchurch.

The first Little Irish Pub was T. O’Loughlin’s. Named for Altenburg’s father-in-law, Terry, who was treated to a surprise when the Little Irish Pub was unveiled with his name on it, painted in the colour of his Irish home county and adorned with old historic family photos.

People sitting outside My Little Pub

Pursuit of Hoppiness asked Brei Bennetts from My Little Pub about the process and cost involved.

What is lead-time for getting one made and delivered? 

Once we’ve gone through the process with the client, choosing the colours, theme and style and, of course, the name — and once we know they’re happy with the final design it usually takes 6-8 weeks to have the pub turn up at the door and be ready to crack the first beer inside.

Given that a lot of our readers are home brewers, can they be set up with taps?

As you can imagine, there isn’t a lot of space behind the bar but we’ve looked at options to have space for a small keg or an external unit to a tap inside. Of course, we do custom pubs as well so if it’s a keg the client wants inside we will find a way to make it happen.

How many have been built?

We have completed three so far; an English and two Irish pubs and are currently working on the next one. We’ve had a really good time creating each of these Little Pubs and watching people’s reactions when we deliver them! Each one is always a bit different with each new owner’s style and personality which we love.

A lot of people would have seen Emerson’s Tiny Pub touring the country in 2020 … is this any “relation”? 

Emerson's tiny pub

It is no relation to the Emerson’s Tiny Pub, although that tiny pub and the beer inside is great! We could be distant cousins if they were up for that.

They look quite spacious inside, how many people could fit inside one on a rainy day? 

That question really depends on how much of a rowdy pub atmosphere you are into. We’ve had up to 21 people inside these things, both standing snug at the bar and seated away in the corner. A less rowdy night we seat a comfortable 12 people.

My Little Pub interior

So what does it cost?

The standard model cost is approximately $70k — these come as complete interiors ready to plug in and get the beer chilling when the pub lands at your door. We hold these Little Pubs in high standard in every part of their creation, from the materials used, the personalisation and memorabilia right down to the finer details in the custom joinery these really are a luxury item.

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